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Jamie & Jared's Album 

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The Rainbow Room is the debut album of Jared Stein Music. 

Husband & wife, Jamie & Jared Stein, have always been lovers of Jewish music. What started as an informal weekly quarantine Havdallah Facebook LIVE has now evolved into an album of original Jewish music to bring community together through prayer and song.

The Rainbow Room includes the body of work that these Havdallah singalongs are built around, which all started with Jared’s original Havdallah setting. His melodies are sung in schools, synagogues, and camp communities all over the country and now they are available to all as a resource and as an artistic contribution to the Jewish music canon.


Jared’s wholesome and intentional compositional style pairs perfectly with Jamie’s sweet and soulful voice, creating a dynamic and unique blend of moments that are rooted in tradition, yet speak to the yearnings of the present day. We hope that this album will inspire positivity and joy in your life and have a lasting impact on your well-being.

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