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Havdallah EP

Immersion into the senses as a technology for connecting to our sublime nature is what Havdallah is all about. We invite you to be part of the blessing that both unites and separates two worlds of sacredness and routineness.

About the Album

Get to Know Us

Jared Stein  is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and composer. He blends style and know-how with a natural improvisational approach when performing.

Jamie Stein is a brilliant musician and vocalist, capable of a wide range of styles including musical theatre and gospel. 

New Singles Out Now!

Who Do You Want to Be (Mi Haish)?

"Who Do You Want To Be (Mi Haish)?" is our dedication to the struggles we face in life to become the best version of ourselves.  We explore the messages of Psalm 34:13-15, “Who is the person that desires life, that loves all their days”.  This song celebrates the very nature of seeking truth, tolerance, and understanding.

Or Zarua

"Or Zarua" is about the light that resides within each of us and the love we carry within us each day.  It's about what happens when you shine out your love into the world by doing good thing for yourselves and others. As we sing this song, we hold out the word "lev", which means "heart" just like the notion that we should hold out our compassion for those around us. Why not be the most passionate one in the room?

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Jared Shofar silhouette 2.jpg
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